Class 1:  California Pay Cuts



Part 1: California Pay Cuts


Read the first section of the article on UC furloughs. 

1)    What are furlough days?

2)    The article states that 11 to 26 furlough days a year amount to a 4% to 11% pay cut.  Explain this.  How many working days are there in a year?

3)    Suppose you’re a UC faculty member who just got an 11% pay cut.  Suppose the regents assure you that they will make it up to you with an 11% pay raise as soon as the State of California regains its financial footing.  Are you satisfied?  Discuss.

4)    The article states that “Reduced work days for member of UC’s senior management group will be restricted to a maximum of 10 furlough days per year, even though their actually pay cuts will be among the highest.”   What percent pay cut is 10 furlough days?  How can their paycuts be among the highest if they are getting less furlough days than anyone else? 

5)    How much do you think senior management earns compared to highly paid faculty?

6)    What do you think of Yudof’s comment that the plan was guided by a principle of shared sacrifice?




Journal Assignment:

Read the article “Breast-feeding may avert cancer”, which you can find in the blackboard class website. 

Š      Using vocabulary from Chapters 1 and 2 of the text, describe what kind of study was done? 

Š      What is the difficulty of doing a randomized controlled experiment to study the effect of breast-feeding on breast cancer? 

Š      How might women who breast-feed be different from women who bottle-feed?

Š      What do you think about this study?


Homework Assignment for Tuesday, Sept. 1: 


Read Ch. 1 and Ch 2 of the textbook by Freedman, Pisani, and Purves.  Do review exercises #1,3,4,5 at the end of Ch. 2.