Class 27:  Monkeys and Longevity




Read the article “Caloric Restriction Extends Life in Monkeys, Study Finds”. 


1.     What is the null hypothesis for this experiment and what is the alternative hypothesis?

2.     How many monkeys were in the control group and how many were in the diet group?

3.     What percent of the control group has died so far, and what percent of the diet group has died so far?

4.     Compute a SE for the percent of monkeys in the control group who have died.

5.     Compute a SE for the percent of monkeys in the diet group who have died.

6.     Compute a SE for the difference in percent who have died between the control group and the diet group.

7.     If the diet doesn’t affect longevity of monkeys, what you expect for the difference in percents of monkeys who died between the two groups?

8.     Compute a z-score and p-value for this experiment.

9.     The article quotes one of the researchers as saying “We were frankly blown away by these findings.”  Should he be? 

10. What do you think will happen if science succeeds in extending human life by 9% or more with diet?  With drugs?