Class 4:  Calculating mean, median, and SD


Journal Assignment:


Read the article “The Median is Not the Message” posted on Blackboard and briefly comment.


Journals are due this Thursday.  In addition to the 4 journal assignments (breast feeding, cola taste test, birth and gender, and the Median is Not the Message, this is a good opportunity to report on how you think the class is going and what would make it better.  This is also a good opportunity to report on statistics you’ve seen in the news and your life and suggest things you’d like to discuss in class.


Homework Assignment 4 for Thursday, Sept. 10: 

Do review exercise 1, 3, 4 in Ch 4.  (For #3, you can do computations if you prefer, or answer without computing.  Either way, briefly explain your answer.  For #4 you may want to refer back to pages 37, 38, and 39 in Ch. 3 to see the histograms of income and years of schooling. )