Class 5:  Class Survey Data


Part 1: Use Excel to explore the data

Results from the survey are on Blackboard under Course Materials.  You will also see some notes on using Excel that may be helpful.


Explore the Class Survey Data.  Take notes on anything interesting you find, to record in your journal.  What questions you investigate are up to you, but be sure to practice finding averages and standard deviations.  Making histograms, scatterplots, and finding percentages are optional but fun.  Print out any nice graphs you make to paste in your journal. 


Examples of questions you may like to explore are:

Do people in the class who prefer fruits and veggies have fewer cavities? 

Do people who were on a sports team get more exercise?

Do people who get more exercise have lower pulse rates?

Does you want to revise your estimate of the instructorÕs age, based on survey results?


These are only examples; I encourage you make up your own questions and answer them.


Journal Assignment:

Report on the class survey. 

1.     Include some hard facts that you figured out with Excel, and answers to some questions.  This will probably require spending more time using Excel on your own in addition to the time spent in class. 

2.     Having looked at the results, how would you want to do the survey differently to make it better if you ever taught a Chance class?


Homework Assignment 5 for Tuesday, Sept. 15: 

To be announced via blackboard